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Software Engineer

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About Me

I'm an innovative Software Engineer with over years experience managing all aspects of the development process for small to medium-sized companies. I'm always eager to learn more, and I crave knowledge. I strive to be happy and enjoy what I'm doing, but I'm always looking for ways to improve myself.


  • From Portland to Portland

    This webpage is about a coast-to-coast trip of the US. It showcases the places between Portland, Maine and Portland Oregon. It's a responsive website using HTML5, CSS3 (flexbox, grid, BEM), built following to design mockup in Figma. Utilized BEM methodology with a nested file structure. The project adapts to the width of various devices (from 320px to 1280px).

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  • Pong Clone

    In order to gain a better understanding of canvas, I developed a "Pong" clone with score tracking and AI player that you can play against. Hitting the ball on the edges of the paddle will give it an increased verticle spin causing it to ricochet quickly towards the opponent.

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  • Twitter Bot

    This (now retired) Twitter Bot was created with one thing in mind: Win Contests. The bot was built on a node server. It will 'like', 'retweet', and 'follow' in order to enter contests. The bot had entered over 500,000 contests over a three-year span winning thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Among some of the most notable prizes were: NBA tickets, golf clubs, $200 purse, Crypto Mining Rig, signed baseball by former Yankee, Don Mattingly, and many other prizes.

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  • Learning How to Learn

    This project contains information on how to learn in a better way. Technologies included in this project are Flexbox, BEM Methodology, HTML video/iframes, & animations

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Work Experience

  • Praesidium

    Software Engineer

    St George, UT

    • Developed iOS/Android apps for our non-contact, vital sign detection technology
    • Developed functionality to connect IoT device to internet via app
    • Utilize MQTT to communicate with device and display live vital sign data on the app (heart rate, respiration rate, etc)

  • Cooper Technology

    Software Engineer


    • Architected and developed custom component library to fit our custom needs (Date Picker, Select Box, Input, Modal, Data Table etc)
    • Developed Android/Ios App using Ionic to allow farmers to scan the tags of their cattle to keep track of their health.
    • Completely rebuilt front-end Application from scratch using the latest Angular framework
    • Designed a schematic layout of Farm equipment using Pixi JS where farmers can view the status of their equipment in real time

  • Practicum by Yandex

    Tutor in Web Development · Contract


    • Led a cohort of 20+ students with no previous experience in the tech industry through a rigorous 10-month program
    • Taught HTML/CSS, responsive design, React, back-end architecture, etc
    • Conducted video webinars, & live coding sessions on a regular basis

  • JTC Solutions

    Lead Front End Engineer · Contract


    • Built inventory management system for pharmaceutical company
    • Met regularly with stakeholders to demo product and discuss feedback for product improvements

  • Awardco

    Lead Front End Engineer

    Orem, Utah

    • Led the conversion of our website from JQuery to VueJS, which in turn reduced codebase by 10,000+ lines of code
    • Restructured entire front-end codebase to hit accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 Compliant)
    • Led the charge in adopting BEM guidelines to improve CSS readability and predictability
    • Managed a small team of Front-End Engineers, interviewing potential team members, and ensuring the team delivers projects on time

  • SkillAmp

    Software Engineer · Contract


    • Designed and built multi-tenant SaaS application from the ground up using Angular, NodeJS, & PostgreSQL
    • Delivered product on time and under budget

  • Torch LMS

    Software Engineer

    Lehi, Utah

    • Reduced reporting API endpoint response times from several minutes to fewer than 10 seconds by optimizing SQL queries
    • Improved page render times by 5-10 seconds by adding pagination to all tables throughout the site
    • Grew the Infrastructure from one production environment to five with over 300 company "site instances" in AWS
    • Worked up until acquisition by Absorb LMS